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Special PADEL glass !

Alliaverre is a major supplier of glazing for PADEL courts.

  • Standard or custom dimensions,

  • Tempered glass 10 mm, 12 mm or laminated glass 13.52 mm

  • Countersunk holes

  • CE certified and produced according to EN12150 standard

  • Competetive price

  • Quality packaging (customizable according to request)

  • Fast delivery anywhere in the world

Nothing speaks louder than our achievements!

Discover the Types of Glass Used in Padel Courts

Padel, a fast-growing sport that combines elements of tennis and squash, has captured the hearts of sports enthusiasts around the world. If you're a manufacturer, installer, retailer, padel court owner or simply curious about the elements that make this game so dynamic and exciting, you've come to the right place.


Among the essential aspects that define a quality padel court, the types of glass used play a crucial role. The glass that frames the court is much more than just an aesthetic element; it also influences visibility, acoustics and even player safety. In this article, we'll explore the different types of glass used in padel courts and their impact on the playing experience.


 1. Clear glass


The most common choice for padel walls is clear glass. This option offers optimum visibility to players, enabling them to easily follow the ball's movement through the wall. In addition, clear glass creates a bright, open atmosphere on the court, adding to the enjoyment of the game.


2. Tempered glass


Player safety is a top priority in any sport, and padel is no exception. Tempered glass is often used in the construction of padel walls because of its superior impact resistance. In the event of impact, tempered glass shatters into small, non-sharp pieces, reducing the risk of injury. 


3. Anti-reflective glass


For an optimal playing experience, especially in bright conditions, anti-reflective glass is a wise choice. This type of glass reduces reflections and glare, allowing players to keep a clear view of the ball without being disturbed by sunlight or spotlights.


4. Soundproof glass


The acoustics of a padel court can have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere and player concentration. Soundproof glass is designed to absorb some of the noise generated by ball and racket impacts, creating a quieter, more comfortable playing environment.


In conclusion, the types of glass used in padel courts are not simply construction elements, but essential components that contribute to the overall player experience. From clear glass offering maximum visibility to tempered glass ensuring safety, each choice has an impact on the quality of play. By taking these factors into account, padel court designers aim to create spaces that combine functionality, aesthetics and safety, offering players the best possible experience on the court. Whether you're a seasoned player or an enthusiastic beginner, the choice of glass in your padel court can make all the difference to your playing experience.

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