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Our company

Alliaverre has embodied excellence in the field of glass for three generations, perpetuating family know-how that has shaped its identity.

Founded on values of integrity, innovation and quality, Alliaverre has established itself as a major player in the glass industry and distribution.



Family Know-How: For three generations, Alliaverre has consolidated a heritage of family know-how, passed down from generation to generation. This artisanal tradition is the very foundation of our commitment to

excellence and quality.

International Network:Alliaverre draws its strength from a vast international network of glass manufacturers and processors. Thanks to our own subsidiaries and partnerships with independent players, we are able to respond to a wide variety of requests, covering virtually all geographic needs.

Flexibility, Responsiveness, Competitiveness: Our organization stands out for its flexibility, its responsiveness to market demands and its competitiveness. We adapt quickly to changes in the sector to offer our customers tailor-made solutions, meeting their most specific needs.

Innovation oriented: Alliaverre is deeply oriented towards innovation, placing glazing at the service of energy and the preservation of the planet. We continually invest in research and development to deliver forward-thinking and sustainable solutions, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


At Alliaverre, our commitment to excellence, our family heritage and our innovative vision position us as a trusted partner for your glass projects.

We are determined to meet the needs of our customers with flexibility, responsiveness and competitiveness, while contributing to a more sustainable world through our eco-responsible glazing solutions.

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